3% finisher layer premix

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premixes are high quality balanced mixtures. The compositions are developed based on the exact needs of all species including poultry, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and camels. The DufaMix premixes are available in inclusion rates from 0,01% up to 2,5%, all depending on the client’s preferences. The inclusion of pigments, enzymes, mycotoxin binders and flavouring agents are just a few examples of feed additives to add to the mixture which will improve the feed, by adding value and creating a better feed product. Cattle premix: ensure the best growth and full meat yield potential for beef cattle and increased milk production for dairy cows. Poultry premix: – Broiler premix: increased growth, higher feed intake and better feed conversion ratio, all to ensure maximum production outcome. – Layer premix: optimizing egg quality, egg size and increasing laying percentage. Swine premix: – Piglet premix: for stimulation of feed intake, optimal growth and a better digestion. – Sow premix: total support of the sow that will result in an increased milk production and an improved fertility. Goat and sheep premix: creating a healthy animal by providing vitamins, minerals and trace elements based on their requirements to ensure the best results.

3%  finisher layer premix

each KG content      
VA       IU 150,000-200,000 Fe     g 0.6-6
VD3    IU 35,000-100,000 Cu    g 0.06-0.5
VE     mg≥ 350 Zn     g 0.6-2.4
VK3   mg 25-100 Mn    g 0.6-3
VB1   mg≥ 25 Se    mg 2-10
VB2   mg≥ 130 I       mg≥ 10
VB6   mg≥ 65 DL-Met    %≥ 2.8
VB12 mg≥ 0.35 Ca           % 5.0-20.0
Nicotinic acid mg≥ 550 tatol P      % 1.5-6.0
D-Pantothenate mg≥   Nacl        % 3.5-10.5
Folic acid mg≥ 16.5 water      % ≤ 10
biotin      mg≥ 2 Choline chloride g≥ 8
Methionine, lysine, dicalcium phosphate, phytase, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, fish meal, etc.

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