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Name: Pet calcium tablets Main components:Each piece contains type of lucosamine hydrochloride 250 mg, 220 mg goat's milk,chondroitin sulfate 200 mg, organic sulfur 70 mg,vitamin C460IU, vitamin E300IU, 2 mg Mn, etc. Pharmacological function:1. To prevent postpartum paralysis, young pet skeletal dysplasia. Providecalcium supplement During pet pregnancy and lactation 2.Supplementary calcium in pet bone growth and development of trace elements; Prevention of rickets, osteomalacia and strong teeth. 3. Add calcium trace elements of elderly pet bone and prevent diseases caused by loss of calcium. 4. Promote the synthesis and metabolism of cartilage cells, accelerate the new bone regeneration after fracture;To maintain the function of the articular cartilage. 5. Daily calcium supplement for any age pet . Improve calcium absorption. Usage and Dosage:Small pets: 1 piece / kitten & puppy; adult cat & dog 2 pcs / day Medium-sized dog (species): puppies 2 slices/day; adult dog 4 tablets/day Large breed (species): puppies 4 tablets/day adult dog 6 pcs/day

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